friendly reminder that!! self diagnosis is just as good as a professional diagnosis and saying that it isnt is classist and ableist uwu


I have cancer. Your post gave me cancer. That is my self diagnosis and will be sending you the million dollar medical bills shortly.


not even the liberator can compete with ray’s sweet family smart car



Cats Stuck in Things [via]

are cats even real oh my god



Cis people are so gullible. A doctor basically gave a quick glance at your junk before you were even old enough to communicate and you think that’s the best gauge of your gender? Sad.



Gavin: *hits Geoff with a skull in Minecraft with Halo textures*
Geoff: That's pretty cool.
Gavin: *quiet* That didn't seem physically possible.
Geoff: These are all really neat...
Gavin: I like it when you're wearing headphones cause I can whisper stuff and you don't hear it.
How was the test again? A female character talks to another female or a main female character talks to another female character? If it's the second I'm not sure whether Carolina counts as a main character of s12 :/


The test is honestly just “two women with names talk to each other about something that isn’t a dude”. Which is sort of the absolute baseline you can expect. I figure it’s valuable for that reason—like, you can have a movie with a fantastic female character, but if it fails the Bechdel test it’s still worth asking “hey, if they managed to write one female character well, why exactly did they stop there and make everyone she talked to dudes?” And you can also have a movie that passes the Bechdel test and treats its female characters very poorly indeed, in which case you gotta ask why it fell down on that particular part of the job.

I figure it’s like this: if the show passes the Bechdel test, it still doesn’t guarantee it’s got good representation of women. But if the show fails the Bechdel test, it’s guaranteed to have shitty representation of women, by definition. Necessary but not sufficient.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad season 12’s an improvement on season 11 on this front, at least. And I was thrilled to have some banter between two female characters this week. (And I’m super happy about fic and fanart already coming out for this pairing ahhhhhh.) 

But I’m gonna side-eye the heck out of anyone who thinks this show’s hit some level approaching “actually progressive” at this point.

I do not really think these tests can really prove anything, considering how complex and contextual this problem is. Ever since I’ve became conscious about sexism in media it’s impossible to UNSEE it and enjoy a movie or a show :/
My favourite method is “if we replace this character with a male, would it still make sense?”. I’m just glad both Carolina and Tex pass that one. Although I have a boner for kickass women, so I undestand other people dont like them.

Btw sorry for my english. It sucks ass.


hello, world!
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This week on "Tumblr: Why the Website You Know and Love Is A Fucking Joke"

What the shit

These are all sarcastic, right?
Can we get a sjw to try to defend any of these? Please? Would be hilarious.

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